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At Phaunggyi Central Civil Service University, the military has restricted the use of social media by staff and family members, and mobile phones can be checked. Kovis infected with drills The Smart Wireless Earphones for DJ’s Are a Real Breakthrough

At least 40 soldiers, including a battalion commander, were killed in a two-day clash between the Northern Army and the army in Naungcho.

Yangon, March 14

At least 40 soldiers, including a warlord, were killed in a series of clashes between the Terrorist Military Council and the Northern Division on March 14 and 13 in Naungcho, Shan State, local sources told Rangoon Times.

On March 13, 25 soldiers, including the commander of the 147th Infantry Division, were killed in a clash between the 147th Infantry Division and the 509th Shan People’s Army.

On March 14, the Terrorist Military Council, IB 147; Another clash broke out between the 99th Brigade and the 509th Shan North People’s Defense Army, killing 15 soldiers.

After the clashes, the DPRK troops withdrew due to heavy casualties, and the security forces withdrew.Khit Thit Media
Photo- AFP

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