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At Phaunggyi Central Civil Service University, the military has restricted the use of social media by staff and family members, and mobile phones can be checked. Kovis infected with drills The Smart Wireless Earphones for DJ’s Are a Real Breakthrough

The people of Burma will have to pay for the Russian war.

Russia’s currency has plummeted by 30 percent as a result of sanctions and Russia’s withdrawal from the international banking system SWIFT. The economy has collapsed. The Russian people are also scared and the banks are competing for the May dollar, and the Russian currency will soon become paper money.

Russia, which was immediately impoverished, sought financial help from countries that supported it because of its urgent financial need. In fact, it is bullying.

Today, a fax arrived in Malala to help pay for the war. Russia has been criticized by Burma for failing to use Malala S.

Edited :

Not psywar. I am 100% responsible for the accuracy of the information.

Myo Yan Naung Thein
# Myanmar Standard Time 8:44 p.m.

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