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Mytel is a telecom operator of myanmar. It may be setup one pay system. Mytel is develop his pay system, MytelPay. Start with used telecom members. Design and Management is mytel telcom but connect with CB Bank and KBZ Bank for banking process, cash in – our process. Mytel is a major telecommunications company in Myanmar (Burma), as one of four national carriers. Mytel is operated as a joint venture between the Burmese military and Viettel, which is owned by Vietnam’s Ministry of National Defence.
Mytel has been criticized for undermining the competitiveness of Myanmar’s telecoms market and the military’s reassertion of dominance over telecommunications, through its large-scale investments. In June 2017, the government promulgated the Pricing and Tariff Regulatory Framework, including floor pricing rules for mobile fees, which was positioned to give Mytel a market advantage against lower-cost competitors like Ooredoo. Mytel was granted an exemption from floor pricing rules and was allowed to discount its rates after its launch, unlike other competitors. Through its aggressive price-cutting strategy, Mytel was able to capture a market share of 4% (2.4 million subscribers) only two months after its launch. By contrast, Mytel‘s competitors agreed to abide by the nominal rules of the free market.

Mytel has received mixed reactions from Burmese consumers due to its military links. After its launch, a movement of Burmese netizens launched a viral campaign to boycott the military-backed carrier, over its decision to offer phone numbers that start with the digits 969, which are symbolic of Myanmar’s anti-Muslim nationalist movement.
In 2018, reports emerged that Mytel had run fiber-optic cables through privately owned plantations in Kayin State’s Payathonzu without providing prior notice. Mytel has upgraded the Myanmar military’s infrastructure, including the army’s network of fibre-optic cables.
In February 2020, Mytel was linked to a $1.2 million disinformation campaign on social media. Facebook banned a Mytel-linked network of two dozen pages and accounts after uncovering that these pages had “started out on a very patriotic and nationalist tone” before shifting to content promoting the Mytel brand, or content criticizing Mytel rivals, Ooredoo Myanmar, MPT and Telenor Myanmar.



MytelPay is a super app designed to offer a boutique of services to bring convenience into your everyday life.

  1. Cash in for your account free
  2. Transfer account-account, account- non account easy
  3. Top up your mobile phone, buy pin code with high discount
  4. Pay electronic/water too quickly
  5. Cash out easily with find store function, conveniently help you see the store’s balance

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